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Coalitions and Task Forces

In order to accomplish the goals of the WFU CHOICES Program, it is crucial to actively involve members of the Wake Forest community and members of the local community surrounding Wake Forest in prevention efforts. The Program participates in the Alcohol Coalition and works collaboratively with various WFU divisions and departments.

Alcohol Coalition

The coalition discusses and addresses alcohol issues on campus and establishes environmental initiatives to minimize the negative consequences of substance misuse. The coalition holds monthly meetings to discuss problems and strategize about possible solutions. Previous meeting participants may include:

  • Winston-Salem residents
  • Wake Forest University students
  • Landlords and property managers
  • Winston-Salem Police officers
  • Wake Forest University Police officers
  • Wake Forest University Staff and Administrators
  • Wake Forest University Faculty
  • Parents

Current Members: Laurel Banks, Charlene Cerutti, Michael Ford, Stephen Hirst, Harold Holmes, Regina Lawson, Matthew Lamoureux, Donna McGalliard, Doris McLaughlin, Robert McNamara, Larretta Williams, Cecil Price, Natascha Romeo, Lavi Wilson, James Schirillo, Erin Suftin, and Sharon Woodward.

This Year’s Goals: Social Norm Campaign, Raise Awareness of Alcohol and Other Drug  Issues on Campus, Substance Abuse Prevention Programming, and Discussing recent trends and initiatives on campus and around the U.S.

If you are interested in joining the Alcohol Coalition, please contact Dean Charlene Buckley in Judical Affairs.